By Shirin Rajaee

MODESTO (CBS13) — As immigration enforcement ramps up, some passport centers in the region are overwhelmed with the number of applicants.

“It was a zoo; we couldn’t park, there must’ve been at least 150 people out here, it was crazy,” said Candy Scruggs.

Candy and her husband Jack say it’s been a frustrating five days.

They say long lines have wrapped around the passport center in Modesto on Paradise Road for the last few weeks.

They even showed up one day almost two hours before the center opened, but were initially turned away.

“We stood in line, waited 2 hours and then finally they came out and gave us a ticket and said we can’t take you today, and that was at 10:45 in the morning, 15 minutes after they opened, they still couldn’t take us,” said Candy.

Gina is getting a passport for her 11-year-old son and believes the sudden surge of people is directly tied to President Trump’s executive orders on immigration enforcement.

“A lot of people are getting scared. They get scared that if they get separated, they can’t take the kids,” said Gina.

Gina is an undocumented immigrant that’s been in the states for about 16 years.

“I pretty much came just to protect my son, if anything happens to me, he can go with me, anywhere I go,” she said.

As immigration enforcement ramps up, some citizens appear to be wary and just want to make sure they’re prepared.

“I think everybody’s just getting their passports to make sure they have it in case anything happens.”

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  1. “As immigration enforcement ramps up, some citizens appear to be wary and just want to make sure they’re prepared.”

    May I remind the author of this questionable article that “citizens” DO NOT need to be concerned with immigration crackdowns??? We’re referring to ILLEGAL ALIENS and their anchor babies – NONE of which are legal citizens. And they should be concerned as their free ride and flouting of our laws is coming to an end.

    1. Tom Ronson says:

      Even citizens need to be concerned because a citizen still needs a passport to travel to many other countries and to get on return flights to the U.S.
      I can’t understand, how this woman; an illegal immigrant can get a passport. I thought passports were only for citizens.

    2. Most identity theft committed by illegal aliens. But the DACA illegals “dreamers” don’t have to even do that to vote.Obama’s executive amnesty is still on. Illegals are applying for it, renew it, every day. We better stop that. Leave a comment on Trump’s facebook page or Tweet.
      @realDonaldTrump @KellyannePolls Stop Obama’s executive amnesties!! #EndDaca

    3. We need to amend the constitution to eliminate birthright citizenship. That was added to the 14th amendment to protect the newly freed blacks after the Civil War. They were born here and toiled for this country.

      “Gina” is an example of an illegal who had little interest in becoming a citizen and a contributing member of the United States for 16 years, except to drop a baby to ensure she could stay in the country later if things went south for her, she would have her “anchor” to her illegal residency here.

      Very, very few countries have birthright citizenship and for good reason. It is time we updated our constitution.

      1. Frank Morris says:

        Many people don’t understand the illegals, They are not here to be American, they are here for the money and free ride. For example many times the “Dreamers” waving their Mexican flag and burn the American flag in protests. Ask them, they tell you Arizona, Texas, California belongs to Mexico.

  2. Robert J Dow says:

    “Gina is an ILLEGAL who has been here 16 years”- a sweet gig until now.

  3. The only people being deported are illegals who have committed crimes in the USA. I suspect someone went and spread a rumour in this neighbourhood as a part of the Dems latest juvenile theatrics.

    1. Entering and remaining in the United States as a foreign national without a valid passport and visa is a crime. First offense is a misdemeanor illegal re-entry after deportation can be treated as a felony. And do we need to discuss the issue of identity theft that comes with those staying in the country illegally?

      1. Identity theft is an aggravated felony in almost all cases. A felony can be a permanent bar to immigration if the sentence exceeds 1 year even if the court suspended the entire sentence.​

  4. I have often wondered how many of the Hollywood bunch and the tech bunch are all for the illegals because they all have them working in their homes and gardens, plus doing all sorts of jobs they don’t want to do like a normal person might have to do. And for sure they are paying them above normal wage and paying all the taxes they should pay right??

  5. This had nothing to do with the Feds enforcing immigration laws nor anything to do with Trump. It’s been 10 years since passports were required to fly to/from Mexico and Canada. All those passports are now expiring, causing the rush. A little fact checking goes a long way.

  6. This makes no sense.
    If you value your children, you will take them with you, when ICE deports you.
    Why would you get your kid a passport, and make him stay here alone, all by himself?
    That’s what you’re doing with that passport, right? To permit the separation of your family.
    A real family sticks together, no matter where they live.

    1. You get your “citizen” child so they can go back to wherever with you, and when they turn 18, your child can come to the US (they are a “citizen”, right?) and sponsor their originally illegal parent back into the country. That’s why. They are not going to split up their family and leave the kid behind.

  7. If illegals are getting their “citizen” children passports, they need to be reminded that these children have citizenship with the parents home country. They need to go to their embassy and register their child as a citizen born abroad. Problem solved, they can travel with them wherever they go; in this case, home.

  8. Jerome Barry says:

    That’s not much of a story. One passport office in one high-population town has insufficient staffing to serve the community demand.

  9. Tim Darcy says:

    This article highlights the hidden costs we pay for all the illegal immigrants we have. Citizens can’t use the infrastructure and services we pay for and are entitled to because the system is all jammed up with people who don’t belong here.

    Ever need to go to an emergency room and see a dozen Latinos sitting in the waiting room with nothing more than the flu?

    Ever sit in gridlock traffic and look at who’s driving the cars around you, leading to congestion and contributing to the breakdown of infrastructure?

    Ever look at your kid’s classroom and see 30 kids in a class, and half of them are clearly immigrants?

    Ever try to get a passport and not be able to because an illegal immigrant (or dozens of them) are in line in front of you?

    But hey, at least Gina got in line this time. She cheated and cut to the front of the line to sneak into the country.

  10. I say they need to hire more people let’s get these liberals out the country or maybe it would be cheaper to kill them.

  11. Only American citizens can get an American passport. Thought that little detail might be important to mention…

  12. John Larson says:

    How do illegal immigrants get passports?

  13. Dave Barlett says:

    It’s good to see that she plans to take her anchor baby with her when she goes.

  14. Eric Foster says:

    This article is super vague,..perhaps intentionally so.

    We have a new Sheriff in town ladies and gentlemen his name is Matt Dil,..I mean,.Don Trump,..before him it was Barney Fi,..I mean Barack Hussein Obama.

    Under Pres. Obama No one had to sneak across the boarder if they had just enough resources. All they had to do was over-stay their visa,.and when it expires they become an illegal alien but they knew it was all catch and release,.no big deal.

    It is the same U.S. dept. that issues Visas as it is that handles U.S. passports,.so now those thousands that had intended to use this method see that their is a new sheriff in town that actually enforces the law. So now they are rushing to extend their visas, many people are shocked that the President of the United States expect laws to be followed.

  15. I feel for the people peacefully here illegally. Democrats and elite republicans forgot to tell them there could be a president someday that would actually enforce the laws they are breaking. Apparently this never occurred to them…themselves.

    The fact that ANYONE felt comfortable here illegally until now is pathetic, and shows our government has been failing at its job…for decades. Reagan thought he had a once and for all amnesty deal, then congress failed to hold its end of the deal to enforce the law from that day forward. And ever since, both parties have been selling out the American People…the republicans AND democrats for cheap labor, and the democrats even more for the added bonus of a future of brown skinned voters…after the intentional “browning” of America from this flood of “immigrants”.

    Goes to show the real racists…democrats. Rather than court the core of America, the white majority, they abandoned white America working toward a future of a white minority. And do you think when that happens we will see a white congressional caucus? A United Caucasian college fund? An NAACP that will then be the National Association for the Advancement of Caucasian People? Will “La Raza” the refer to the white race? Whites will be the first minority in America, not allowed minority status…if given the Democrat’s druthers.

  16. Paul Woomer says:

    ICE needs to go to the passport office.

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