John Cena and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson have a history.

Back in 2012, the two were set to headline WrestleMania 28. During that time, Cena had called out The Rock for being a part-time wrestler. He was very vocal through the years about The Rock and his decision to pursue a film career.

Cena did an interview with Sports Illustrated and stated his regret over the feud. He now admits “For me to not be able to see Dwayne’s vision on what he wanted to do personally, and how his personal success could affect a growing global brand, that was just ignorant on my part.”

He continues, “I didn’t see the man who is so driven to crush the stereotype of ‘pro wrestlers are just pro wrestlers, and they can do nothing more, period.’”

Cena has apologized to The Rock, stating “I’ve apologized to him in person, I’ve apologized to him publicly. I was completely wrong in the approach that I took. It was one-sided and selfish, and I’m glad the way it worked out, but I apologize for not being able to see his side of the fence.”

So, the two seem to have closed the book on this feud. Since then, both The Rock and John Cena have gone onto Hollywood and had roles in huge blockbusters.


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