SAN FRANCISCO (CBS) – Some PG&E customers may see lower energy bills, while others may see higher bills, starting next month due to changes being made to the company’s billing system, the gas and electric company announced Monday.

Beginning on March 1, changes to will be implemented throughout Northern and Central California in an effort to simplify rate structures and promote energy conservation.

The changes were also brought forth in order to modernize the pay system and to balance rate tiers, eventually moving to a time-of-use rate structure, according to PG&E officials.

On March 1, the billing system will be reduced from three to two tiers, simplifying the rate structure. Additionally, a High Usage Surcharge will be introduced, which will encourage energy conservation, PG&E officials said.


  1. All of my kids moved out, I was basically home only to sleep, and my January bill was 5X higher than usual. Not buying this BS. Sorry, they are making us pay for their fines for killing people. Nice.

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