By Adrienne Moore

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Video obtained by CBS13 shows someone driving backward down a busy Sacramento road for nearly a mile.

The incident happened at the height of an evening commute down a busy Watt Avenue. A witness captured the wild ride on her cellphone.

The car blows through three lights at about 35 mph, and all in reverse.

The woman who recorded the video didn’t want us to identify her but says she first thought the white Crown Victoria was being towed after spotting it facing traffic. But within seconds, the engine revved, the tires squealed and it started flying backward down Watt Avenue.

CBS13 checked the license plate and found the registered owner has a long history of run-ins with the law, including driving on a suspended license. It’s unknown if the owner was driving the car in the video.

The driver can be seen changing lanes as it approaches Myrtle Avenue during a nearly mile-long joy ride in reverse.

The California Highway Patrol says it’s never heard of anything like this before and aren’t quite sure how many penalties the driver could potentially face if they are caught.


  1. Looks like an ex-Police Crown Vic with a bad transmission. The 4R70W/AOD-E transmission can lose forward gears if the forward clutch burns up. Then, you would only have reverse. So, the smoke is evidence of the trans. fluid boiling and coming out the vent. Could also be low on fluid and leaking on exhaust. Blowing through a light means going through a RED LIGHT you dopes.
    If you have an emergency and are trying to get as far as possible on a dying vehicle, you do what you have to. What the hell is wrong with Sacramento drivers getting right in the guy’s grille while he does what he did here? Give him some room! STUPID people! HOW DOES THIS EVEN MAKE THE NEWS?
    California crybabies. Dude probably broke as hell and trying to avoid an overpriced California Tow Bill.

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