CARMICHAEL (CBS13) — Two young males have been arrested in connection with the vandalism at a Carmichael special-needs school.

The Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department says an 11-year-old and a 13-year-old were cited for burglary and vandalism for the destruction at Laurel Ruff Transitional School on Garfield Avenue.

Their names and photos were not released because they are minors

The school is a safe zone for more than 100 special needs students, helping them transition from high school into the real world. But last week their trust was shattered, much like what the vandals did to their campus.

“Everything in the room was thrown in the pool,” principal Julia Arreguin said. “The water was left on. There was like 2 inches of water flooding the area. They had defecated in the pool, which is disgusting.”

The suspects also destroyed a closet full of donated clothes to help dress the students for interviews and work. The students were able to salvage many of those items, even hauled them off to the laundromat themselves.


Comments (2)
  1. Bob Balliet says:

    The parents of these youngsters should have to pay for the clean-up and their young hoodlums should be required to help in the cleanup (they can call it community service).

    1. Kevin Lee says:

      And the hoodlums will then need to spend the rest of their sorry lives behind bars.

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