OLIVEHURST (CBS13) — An Olivehurst pastor wants to catch the person who ripped off his church. He doesn’t want to prosecute, rather lend a helping hand.

The church helps to feed more than 500 families in the surrounding area, and recently had thousands of dollars of equipment stolen.

HOW TO HELP: Calvary Christian Center GoFundMe

Someone broke into the Calvary Christian Center in Olivehurst on Wednesday night.

“If someone goes this far and steals from the church and kids, you must really be desperate,” said Pastor Richard Braxton. “We’ve had some vandalism, and we also have somebody come in, steal $20,000 worth of merchandise.”

The thieves broke through a back gate and door. The alarm system failed and there were no cameras. They made off with the sound equipment, computers, tools for trade training and sports equipment, including basketballs for the youth basketball program. After that, the thieves went for copper pipes.

But Braxton remains undaunted. He believes in the good of his community as much as his faith.

“I believe as we take care of them, then God’s going to send someone to take care of his church,” he said.


  1. Sounds like drug addicts, stealing anything they can sell for cash to support their habit.
    These are the so-called “low-priority, non-violent offenders” of Propositions 47 and 57.
    Those are liberal democrat code-words for low-life druggies, burglars, amazon box thieves.

    These animals should never be released early.

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