By Steve Large

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — There is more political fallout in the California Capitol over the physical removal of a Republican state Senator from the Senate floor.

The two lawmakers had an icy exchange outside the Senate chambers Monday after the floor session, State Sen. Janet Nguyen turning her back on Senate President Pro Tem Kevin De Leon as he called for her to give her an on camera apology.

“Oh, Janet, come into the camera please,” Senator De Leon said. “Janet come into the camera so I can say it. Janet, Janet?”

Nguyen walked away.

“We’ve been trying to contact her, but she’s been avoiding us,” De Leon said.

The cold confrontation played out following a protest outside the capitol, by Nguyen and her supporters, aimed at De Leon and claims he’s responsible for suppressing her free speech on the Senate floor. At that protest De Leon told reporters the protest was a political show.

“I think she enjoyed the 15 minutes of fame, and she doesn’t want it to disappear obviously,” De Leon said. “She wants it to continue to happen you know?”

The Capitol drama stems from a bizarre scene on the Senate floor Feb. 23. Nguyen was physically removed by Sergeants at arms after she refused to stop speaking in opposition to former state Senator Tom Hayden, who campaigned against the Vietnam War. Hayden passed away in October and was honored last month at the Capitol.

Senate Republicans have called for an investigation, and the Senate Rules Committee is reviewing the matter.

De Leon has now promised to deliver an apology to Nguyen from the Senate floor Thursday at 9 a.m.

Comments (4)
  1. Jerry Cason says:

    de león should resign and take some more liberals with him

  2. She sounds like an entitled AH. The guy offers a apology and she huffs off. Do I get this correct? She’s in opposition of Hayden’s free speech against the Vietnam war? Correct?

  3. de Leon is a smarmy petulant houseboi. I don’t blame her for walking away from him. He’s just going to use the opportunity to insult her again. She understands that his words are meaningless.

  4. Kevin De Leon’s chief of staff e-mailed Nguyen **before** that infamous session, and warned her not to criticize Hayden.
    This was clear case of CONTROL by De Leon’s people…”Obey De Leon, or be removed.”

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