By Lemor Abrams

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Hundreds of charges are recommended against 106 people for a June brawl at the state Capitol between neo-Nazis and anti-fascists.

The violent video shows the groups going at it, leaving more than a dozen people wounded at the Capitol.

Eight months after the melee, the California Highway Patrol has released a 2,000-page report into what happened, recommending hundreds of charges against the people involved.

But who will actually face charges?

Criminal attorney Michael Wise says the charges will depend on who may have been acting in self-defense, which is difficult to prove.

“If I was attacked initially thereafter the person withdrew from the confrontation, I no longer have the right to go after and assault them. So it’s really going to be interesting minute by minute or second by second to see how the interaction played out,” he said.

Even with the play-by-play, CHP investigators say the case is complicated since some were trying to hide their identities and others were uncooperative.

Ryan Lenz with the Southern Poverty Law Center identifies the Traditionalist Workers Party, the group behind the June protest, as a white supremacist group.

“The party has been involved in these skirmishes before, so this is an organization that seeks to benefit from violence that makes headlines,” he said.



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