Maybe you can picture Tony Romo chasing a big payday and going to the Jets or 49ers with a chance to finish his career elsewhere.  The rumors of Denver and Houston make a lot of sense too.  Those teams are more ready made with top of the line defenses.  The last jolt they need is to get a quarterback that can help put them over as potential Super Bowl threats.  All these sound like decent options for different reasons but I think the best spot for Romo is right there under the star.

I think he should stay in Dallas.  Jerry loves him.  The fans are infatuated with Dak but aren’t done with Tony yet.  His career has all the earmarks of a Hall of Famer with the only doubters suggesting a lack of playoff success as a negative for him.  I am not 100 percent sure that Dak is the answer anyway.  Dak had an amazing rookie season and he does look the part of a future star, but do we really know?  I would keep Dak on his minimal salary and keep Tony on his large salary and have a good old fashioned quarterback competition.  Dak may win that and if he does, Tony will get his money and will wait for his chance.  That chance may never come but what if it does?  He is surrounded by a lot of talent and a fantastic line.

I like it when players stay in one spot and I will always think of him as a Cowboy.  He will have plenty of suitors but I think his career should start and end in Dallas.


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