WEST SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – The West Sacramento city council will be considering approving a new treetop rope climbing park.

The owners of Kletterwaldusa are hoping to open the park in a grove of more than one hundred valley oak trees along Lake Washington Boulevard in West Sacramento.

Among the canopy of trees, thrill seekers will navigate a series of bridges, nets and other obstacles up to 65 feet above the ground.

“It just becomes a battle between ‘What am I doing up in this tree?’ and ‘Oh my God, this is so much fun,’” said Kale Wisnia with Kletterwaldusa.

The nine-acre property is currently designated a park site, but the City of West Sacramento says it has no money to develop it.

Under the proposed agreement, the company would lease the property and pay rent or a portion of the profits.

City council will consider the plan on Wednesday. The owners hope to open by next summer.


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