Since March is all about Madness and Bracketology, we at The Lo-Down decided to create our own brackets based on subjects we’re passionate about.

For Jason, it’s the greatest SNL characters of all-time.

For Ken, it’s the greatest guitar solos of all-time.

For me, it’s the greatest movies that stared or featured professional wrestlers. There are four “regions” and I’ll layout a few important notes before getting into the actual bracket.

The four regions are…

The Hogan region

The Classic region

The Modern region

The Rock region

A couple of notes on the selections –
The guy who played Luca Brasi in the Godfather was once a professional wrestler. I excluded him completely.
In The Rock region, the Fast movie counts for all Fast movies the Rock is in. They’re all the same.
All movies in the Hogan region suck… except the obvious. But it’s Hulk Hogan and he’s earned his own region.
The Modern region, I tried to pick movies that included different wrestlers. I switched out John Cena’s brief but enjoyable appearance in the horrible Tina Fey Sisters movie for Magic Mike with Kevin Nash. I’ve never seen Magic Mike… I swear.
In The Classic region I made the difficult call to go with Terry Funk in Roadhouse over George the Animal Steele in Ed Wood. Again, a very difficult call. If there was a play in game between Ed Wood and Conan The Destroyer with Andre the Giant – Ed Wood could’ve been the George Mason of this prestigious bracket.

These selections and my subsequent champion have nothing to do with money earned, box office draw, or any other measurement of success. Its strictly enjoyability and memorability.





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