CBS Local –  After this most recent snow storm buried parts of the Midwest and Northeast in layers of snow and ice, conditions lean towards the treacherous end of the scale for outdoor movement including walking on the sidewalk. So how do you keep yourself vertical when hitting the streets? The best way to keep on your feet is to walk like a penguin, a notion endorsed by the CDC.

No, this isn’t a call to find a nice patch of ice and start belly sliding nor is it a hat tip to Happy Feet. It’s all about your center of gravity.

Little Baby’s Ice Cream created a graphic for further explanation.

how to walk on ice Make Like A Penguin: Its The Best Way To Walk On Ice

West Winfield, New York received the largest serving of snow, an excessive 42 inches. At least one area in 15 separate states in the Midwest and Northeast were hit with at least a foot of snow due to the storm.

For those areas, they’re likely snowed in and need not worry about walking around outside– yet. But for the locations that got less than expected snow totals, like Boston (6.6 inches), Philadelphia (6 inches) and New York City (7 inches), roads, parking lots and sidewalks will be left icy.

And to traverse the conditions, one is best served making like a penguin.