This week on the Lo-Down Damien, Ken and I came up with our own unique brackets.  Damien did the best movies with wrestlers in them.  Ken took on the best guitar solos of all time.  I tackled the challenge of picking the best Saturday Night Live cast members since 2000.  I broke them up into 4 regions and seeded them 1-4.   Here is how it looked.

1 Will Ferrell

4 Cecily Strong/ Taran Killam


2 Maya Rudolph

3 Jason Sudekis



1  Amy Poehler

4 Keenan Thompson


2 Andy Sanberg

3 Kate McKinnon



1 Kristen Wiig

4 Horatio Sanz/ Chris Parnell


2  Jimmy Fallon

3  Tracy Morgan



1  Bill Hader

4  Will Forte


2  Tina Fey

3  Fred Armisen


These were the 16 participants (including the two “play-in” games) .  We had fun with it and ended with a Final Four of Will Ferrell, Keenan Thompson( in a huge upset), Kristen Wiig, and Tina Fey.


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