NATOMAS (CBS13) — Two men have been arrested for vandalizing more than 30 cars and homes with graphic language and images in Natomas on Thursday night, but Sacramento police are still looking for several more suspects.

It happened in two different Natomas neighborhoods: in the 100 block of Bewick Drive and the 4000 block of Clarewood Way.

“It was disappointing. I am upset,” said Joe Silva, who lives on Clarewood Way.

The smiley faces painted on his car’s windows don’t reflect how he’s feeling. He woke up Thursday night to police pounding on his door to alert him to the vandalism done to his car and house.

“We have a lot of young kids around here and they are seeing this on people’s cars and houses. They don’t need to see that,” said Silva.

What the young kids saw, including his 14-year-old step son, was graphic profanity and pornographic images sprayed across homes and cars.

When asked if he is angry that someone ruined their property, Diego Mirazo, the step son, said, “Well, we have to do all the work to clean it, so yeah.”

Silva was forced to come home from work early on Friday so he could clean up the mess sprayed across the side of his house, and so crews could work to clean his car. Damage to Silva’s car alone could be more than $2,000.

Sacramento police don’t think any of the neighbors were specifically targeted, but went on to say that this won’t be tolerated. None of the graffiti was racially charged; police say the motive is unknown.

Two young men in their early 20s were arrested, and police believe more may be involved.

”We actually located a subject walking in the area. He was detained, and ultimately found to be part of this group of individuals that did this vandalism,” explained Sgt. Bryce Heinlein, with the Sacramento Police Department.

Edward Jenkins expressed his anger after learning about what happened to his neighbors’ property.

“Young grown men! Silly grown men! Out here spray painting somebody’s car!” said Jenkins.

Jenkins’ property was spared any damage, but he feels for his neighbors, now burdened with the added expense to have to pay to fix their property.

“They will go to the paint shop and be told, ‘We have to paint your whole car!’ So, these guys are going to be out hundreds of dollars. That’s a lot of money. So, my heart goes out to them,” said Jenkins.

The two men arrested are from Sacramento. No drugs or alcohol were involved. Police don’t believe they are affiliated with any gangs.


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