By Jennifer McGraw

STOCKTON (CBS13) – A special-needs man said he was attacked and robbed in broad daylight near a bus stop.

It happened Monday on Hammer Lane and Kelley Road.

“The officer asked me, ‘Did you just get robbed?’ and I said, ‘Yes.'”

Andy Banning became another victim of a Stockton robbery only he feels especially targeted.

“Took my phone, took my tablet, ripped my bag open,” he said.

Before work on Monday, Andy took his drone out for a spin. He said a man approached him and asked if he was selling it. He said no and was so uncomfortable that he took the bus to get away, but the man followed.

“It’s particularly upsetting, Andy as you can tell in speaking with him, he has special needs,” said Tim Gaither, Andy’s brother-in-law. “I think people identify with the situation and know that they can get away with things.”

That’s exactly what happened. Once Andy got off the bus, the man followed and a car full of men was waiting.

“They attacked me. They attacked me and punched me like I’m a little punching bag. I tried to fight back, but they blocked me in,” Andy said.

Especially upsetting because he has a learning disability and feels he was hurt because of it.

“I am very scared. I still have emotions in my body and every day I can’t focus at school,” Andy said.

His brother in law said this is the second time Andy has been take advantage of, but this time assaulted.

“The first time the person was kind of able to con Andy out of the phone,” Gaither said.

Andy hopes the suspects pay for what they’ve done and return his belongings.

“I work real hard and save my money up for things that I need and don’t need,” he said.

Police weren’t able to catch the suspects and his family isn’t too happy with the investigation.

Andy said he’s not taking any more detours and doesn’t ever want to be a target again.

“It’s not fair to me or anybody in Stockton or anybody in the universe. They should all have their rights,” he said.

Police are looking into surveillance video to help shed some light on who these suspects are, if you have any information, call police.


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