SACRAMENTO, CA.(CBS 13)- A Sacramento woman was released from jail Sunday morning after being arrested for allegedly throwing bleach on her boyfriend’s dog during an argument.

It happened Saturday afternoon in the Phoenix Park neighborhood in Sacramento.

The dog suffered burns to its eyes and face . The boyfriend took the dog to the vet. The dog did is likely to recover, but the full extent of the dog’s injuries are still unknown.

Sacramento police arrested Gakazia Jackson  on felony animal cruelty charges. She was book Saturday night into the Sacramento County Main Jail. She was released early Sunday morning.

The female dog is named Princess. She is a 1-year-old, French and English bulldog mix.

Policd say the couple were fighting at their home when officers were called to break up the fight. That’s when they found Jackson had pour bleach some of her boyfriend’s clothes and the dog.

Officer Matthew McPhail with the Sacramento Police Department says,  after seeing the condition of the dog, and upon further investigation, they made the arrest.

“Most people will realize any sort of contact with a chemical, like bleach, will cause irritation or burns, especially if you get it in your eyes or mouth and a dog is no different,” said Officer Matthew McPhail with the Sacramento Police Department

McPhail says part of the investigation will be to see if the woman deliberately dumped the bleach on the dog, but went on to say Jackson wouldn’t have been arrested on felony charges if they didn’t think it was warranted.

Comments (2)
  1. Arrested Saturday for what she did and she out of jail already? What BS.

  2. leslieblack says:

    Rope is cheap, trees are free. Animal cruelty deserves no less. Call me an extremist.

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