COLUMBIA, Calif. – (CBS13) – Rescuers were able to save a lost dog from a 40-foot vertical shaft in Tuolumne County on Sunday, thanks to a curious hiker.

Just after 7 p.m., someone walking along a trail on the Columbia College campus noticed a hole in the ground. When they went over and looked inside, they saw it was a shaft, and about 40 feet down, they saw a dog, according to a statement from the Tuolumne County Sheriff’s Department.

The hiker alerted authorities, who then sent out the Tuolumne County Sheriff’s search and rescue team to the scene. The rescue team also alerted animal control officers who were able to identify the dog as Jack.

Jack had been reported missing earlier in the day. His family had posted flyers in Columbia and had reported Jack’s disappearance.

One of the rescuers was lowered into the shaft and put Jack into a dog rescue harness so rescuers could hoist him out.

Back on the surface, Jack appeared healthy and uninjured and was reunited with his family at the scene.



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