By Marc Woodfork

Woody Harrelson returns to the big screen in the film “Wilson.”

Only one question: Why?  Why is he in this role?  Why has this film been made?  It’s such a waste of talent, time and resources.  Think Harrelson’s character from ‘Cheers’ Woody Boyd, 30years older and you get this.  But, we liked him.

Wilson is a guy you don’t particularly like or care about.  He’s snarky, rude, borderline stupid and not in a charming, fun way.  The film is a scattered mess devoid of any real script or story.   It co-stars Laura Dern as his ex-baby momma.  Laura is a fine actress who has done very well in recent roles such as HBO’s “Little Big Lies.” But she can’t save this film.

I believe the filmmakers’ intent was for audiences to sympathize with Wilson and become engaged in his story, but there’s no heart…no ambition to get audiences to buy in.  Instead, we watch Harrelson meander around trying to find a meaning to his life by reconnecting with a daughter he didn’t know he had.

Woody Harrelson has made a good career out of playing unlikeable characters, and he can carry a story, but there’s nothing here but bitterness and boredom.

Harrelson recently revealed that he quit smoking pot over a year ago.  Maybe he should reconsider.  I hear smoking may trigger creativity, imagination, and humor.  Something ‘Wilson’ sorely misses.


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