SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — The City of Sacramento has released video and dispatch recordings of the scene around a February officer-involved shooting

On Feb. 10, police tried to arrest 28-year-old Armani Lee, who was under surveillance and suspected in another shooting earlier in the month. When officers moved in, Lee fired. The officers were able to get out of the way unharmed but not before returning fire, hitting Lee several times. Lee survived.

The Sacramento Police Department asked the city to withhold the video at a March 21 City Council meeting, but the city denied that request.

Sacramento’s interim police chief claimed the department needed more time to investigate the February shooting of Armani Lee.

CBS13’s Steve Large is reviewing the two hours of video that was released on Monday and will have more on the CBS13 News at 10.

  1. PERHAPS Law and Order requires neighborhood policing not more PTSD’d uniformed police perceiving their duty as justification to undercover follow (armed) and then perceive “eminent threat” from citizens being so followed! When #BLM then #ALM! Stop militant policing, incarceration brutality, school2prison economy! It APPEARS that it took a minimum of 16 min to get a medic to the shot youth!

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