By Drew Bollea

ROCKLIN (CBS13) — Maybe the third time is the charm. Owners of what was once the Rocklin Golf Club are once again proposing a housing development on a portion of their land.

On Tuesday, the Rocklin City Council approved a contract of intent to enter into negotiations with the land owners about the future of the property.

“We’ve lost a lot of beauty over there,” said Kathy Haas.

For 30 years, Haas has lived across the street from what was once a championship golf course.

“I just feel sad about it because I know what it could have been,” said Haas.

Amid financial troubles, the golf course closed. Several years ago, the owner tried to bargain with the city to develop part of the property with housing and keep the course up and running, but that idea was shot down.

“This is a hot topic in the city of Rocklin right now,” said John Carter, whose home backs up to the proposed development site.

Carter was part of the reason the previous plans lost steam. He opposed the residential development plans then and now.

“The developer is wanting to build an additional 280 homes. I’m not going to let that happen, hopefully,” said Carter.

Under the proposal, 42 acres would be developed into housing, including single family homes. The city would buy 27 acres for $1.5 million dollars. The rest of the land, which is 114 acres would be donated to the city and remain open space.

“One thing it could be used for is the expansion of the public trail system, which is the number one thing we’ve had in surveys conducted by the city that people want to see in Rocklin,” said Michael Young, a city spokesperson.

Young says this plan has more potential than past proposals because of how the city, and public will benefit.

“Before it was a small development and they kept the rest of the land,” said Young, “what we see here is that the city will control over 77% of this land if the proposal moves forward.”

While most everyone agrees that something must be done to the rough property, added housing is a troubling answer for some.

There will be a public forum on April 24th for people in the community to discuss their concerns or ask questions about the proposal.


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