By Steve Large

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Syrian-Americans who live here locally have been following the U.S. action, and like most of us, they’re not sure what’s next.

From his living room, Dr. Mohammad Kabbash watches Syrian state government reports on the U.S. missile attack.

A staunch critic of Syria’s Assad-led government, Kabbash says he has mixed feelings about the U.S. airstrike.

“I think people from all walks of life, have very graciously sympathized with the plight of the Syrians, the catastrophe that’s happening, and all the atrocities and that’s why we see this action now,” Dr. Kabbash said. “At the same time I’m not interested in anybody dying, anybody being bombed.”

Doctor Kabbash is reaching out to friends and family in Syria online. He says direct communication is always difficult.

“Absolutely, the internet services are not in the same availability or quality we take for granted in the United States and you need to realize that if you’re speaking to people under control of different groups including under Assad-control they’re never going to talk about these topics,” Dr. Kabbash said.


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