By Macy Jenkins

YUBA CITY (CBS13) – It’s been a week since Alycia Yeoman was last seen in Yuba City leaving a party on Romero Street. The effort to find the missing 20-year-old continued on Thursday with a search by the FBI.

“People always say it can’t happen here or it can happen somewhere else,” said Ted Amato, who lives on Romero Street. “Something’s going on in our neighborhood.”

Amato lives just across the street from the home where Yeoman was last seen on Thursday. He told CBS13 he was home last Thursday night while the party was going on.

“I never saw the vehicle and I never saw it leave,” he said. “There’s a little bit of noise there during the day and night and high volume of traffic in the night.”

But 10 miles away in Live Oak, something did see Yeomen’s 1998 Green Toyota Tacoma. A surveillance camera captured the truck driving on Cooley Road and going around a locked gate on the same block where her car was found abandoned.

The owner of the video asked not to be identified, but said investigators with Butte County Sheriff’s Department combed through his footage Monday night looking for clues.

Now the FBI has joined the search, going in and out of the house on Thursday, sometimes carrying objects outside.

“It’s real unusual,” Amato said.

The search continued at the Live Oak Recreation Area along the Feather River, close to the spot where Yeoman’s truck was found. Crews searched the region on foot, horseback and by boat.

Back in Yuba City, Amato said he’s surprised to see all the commotion at his neighbor’s house.

“Although they might know the answers,” he said.

Even though he never met Yeoman or saw her leave the house, he’s hoping for good news very soon.

“I just hope that with every day that goes by there is a chance of her being found alive,” Amato said.

Gridley Police Department said Thursday afternoon they were working on a release with the latest information, but we have not heard back from them at this time.

  1. House parties have always been trouble. Shootings, stabbings, drunk drivers, party crashers, and kidnapping/murder.

    She’s a pretty girl at a house full of drunk guys…not hard to guess what happened there.
    They raped her, killed her to keep her quiet, and dumped the body somewhere.

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