By Jennifer McGraw

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – PG&E crews were out repairing damage from the wicked round of storms we’ve had stretching down to Rio Vista.

Heavy rain and wicked winds uprooted five massive eucalyptus trees along the vineyard grounds where they hold weddings and large events.

“This is the worst wind I’ve ever seen out here. It was scary,” said Jeff Gould who runs the Sea Nymph Vineyards event center right along the Sacramento River.

In the 40 years he’s lived in that area, he’s never seen a winter like this.

“It disintegrated our entire dock out there and it was made for Gail force typhoon,” he said.

A PG&E spokeswoman tells us before storms like this they get crews out and about to cut down problem trees, but in cases like this the cleanup is usually after the fact.

With the incoming storm this weekend, Gould said once again they’re bracing for the worst.

“If it’s high winds, we are probably going to stay away from the trees he said.

Sacramento City workers also dealt with heavy rain through Saturday night clearing manholes and keeping streets clear from flooding.

It’s dangerous out there, be sure to slow down for flashing lights while utility workers are fixing power lines and flooding.


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