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Leah Still, daughter of star NFL lineman Devon Still, has an infectious sparkle and vibrant personality that is unwaveringly positive. At the age of four years old, she was diagnosed with Stage 4 Neuroblastoma.

“When I first found out I had cancer, I panicked and screamed in my head,” Leah shared. “I didn’t cry because I try not to cry.”

While Leah was in the hospital, she bravely faced a variety of hardships such as many needle pokes, reoccurring fevers, constant fatigue, getting Broviacs and being in a “plastic [hospital] room.” During those distressing times, her remarkable resilience stemmed from an inner strength, a trait passed down and fortified by her loving father.

During her journey, Leah spent a lot of time with her father. “When I was sick, me and my dad danced a lot,” Leah recalled. The support and love she received from Devon gave her courage and kept her spirits up during treatment.

Together, the pair also painted, colored, did arts and crafts and even did each other’s nails. Since Devon’s job sometimes took him away from physically being with his daughter in the hospital. He bought Leah a charm bracelet that he filled with special charms, so that she could always have a piece of him with her. To visibly show his support for her while he was working, he also shaved his head.

“We went in it together. We’re supposed to cut our hair together; we’re supposed to grow it back together,” Devon stated.

On March 25, 2015, Devon Still announced via Instagram that Leah is in remission.

Now, the father and daughter celebrate life daily with special rituals such as stopping to get a doughnut before school and always making time to have fun together.

In closing, Leah offered a message of hope to other children battling cancer: “Don’t be scared, be strong. You gotta work hard. Your family is helping you.”

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