SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Sacramento Police have released dashcam video of the arrest of a man who was jaywalking in Del Paso Heights.

The video shows the confrontation and force used during the incident. Viewer discretion is advised as the video contains strong language.

0:18: Video shows Nandi Cain Jr. walking across the street as an officer approaches. Cars can be seen passing by Cain as he crosses the street.

cain 1 RAW VIDEO: Sacramento Police Dashcam Video Of Violent Jaywalking Arrest

0:30: Audio is activated on the video as officer notifies dispatch.

0:52: Officer’s vehicle stops and he attempts to make contact with Cain. Cain continues to walk, at one point raising his hands in the air while still walking away.

1:25: After repeated attempts, the officer tells Cain, “Stop right now, or I’m going to take you to the ground.”

At this point, a vehicle approaches, with Naomi Montaie inside, the woman who shot the initial cellphone video of the confrontation. Cain attempts to speak with Montaie, approaching that vehicle.

1:40: Cain tells the officer, “You a big man because you got a gun? I got nothin. … If you’re a real man you’d just take your gun away and you could fight me like a real man.”

1:52: The officer makes physical contact with Cain less than a minute after the initial confrontation. The two disappear in front of the vehicle until it moves out of the way and the officer is seen punching Cain repeatedly while he’s on the ground.

2:10: A second unit approaches as the officer continues to land blows on Cain. As the other officers approach, the initial officer can be heard saying “I will break your f—— arm.

2:31: An officer can be heard saying, “You were f—— jaywalking, that’s all you were,” to which Cain said “No I wasn’t,”  to which the officer said, “I would have let you go had you stopped.” Cain can be heard mentioning calling lawyers for the way he was treated.

4:50: With three more units on scene for what started out as a jaywalking case, Cain is walked away in handcuffs.

6:10: Cain is loaded in the police car. He spits at the door and kicks it repeatedly.

6:50: The door opens and Cain breaks down in tears “I just got off work, I’ve been having a hard-ass week.”

7:08: Officers approach from behind and restrain Cain legs while trying to calm him down.



Comments (2)
  1. James Moffat says:

    It does appear to be excessive force at first. What has not been said yet is if the suspect was known to the officer. Nor if he had prior offenses and what they were. Nor does the audio come through clear enough to know what he was saying to the officer. Once in custody he is seen spitting and trying to kick the windows out the windows of the squad car. Those facts should also be known prior to a judgement is made.

  2. Thomas Rakes says:

    The officer was challenged to a fight, and he obliged. I don’t see the officer as being in the wrong, but I do believe there have got to be better ways to handle this. Taser? As little force as needed, but not less, should have been used. It looked like more than needed was probably used, but again this was a fight challenge to a police officer and it’s hard to get mad at an officer for winning that fight.

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