The 82 game season has come to an end and for the 11th consecutive season the Sacramento Kings will miss out on the playoffs.  For the first time in a while though I think they are actually headed in the right direction.  The path you go on in the NBA can change quickly so the Kings need to stay on this course without self destruction.

This organization has made their share of mistakes but the recent bold decision to move on from DeMarcus Cousins has given them salary cap flexibility, a second 1st round pick and allowed young players to get some valuable experience.  If they had not executed the trade they would have missed the playoffs, likely lost their pick, not had the New Orleans pick and then what?

So now it is imperative to spend wisely this off-season.  Almost all of the contracts they have are currently team friendly.  They do have some decisions to make on some current free agents from their own roster.  Will Rudy Gay decide to come back?  That choice is up to Rudy but the finish of the year and the recent optimism may make him want to come back.  He will search for security and offers from winning teams but if those aren’t there then his fall back is a good one for him and the Kings.

Will Bogdanovic join the team?  He is a bit of a wild card but if he does elect to come to the Kings that could change some of the ideas on whether or not to keep Ben McLemore or may instigate a desire to trade Afflalo.

Then there is the draft.  As of now the Kings are picking 8th, 10th and have a 2nd round pick.  This will be crucial.  Sacramento needs to draft well and continue this youth movement.  If the players that played well at the end of the season have a great summer of development then this team is on it’s way.  How long will it take to get there? There more of these moves that they get right then the process will be faster. All I say is enjoy the ride.


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