SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — With Aerojet ready to leave the Sacramento area, taking more than 1,100 jobs with it, there’s a call for action in the business community.

The departure from Rancho Cordova follows a similar move by Verizon last fall that took 1,000 call center jobs from the city.

Rep. Ami Bera and the Greater Sacramento Economic Council wants action to help preserve jobs in the area, saying the moves are a symptom of a larger problem for the state.

“It’s time we stop losing jobs,” Bera said. “It’s time we stop losing companies. It’s time to step up and recruit those companies, and keep the ones that want to stay here.”

Groups like the Sacramento Region Business Association say it’s time to start looking at what can be done regionally.

“Start meeting with all of these top private sector employers, figuring out what are their issues, and if  they’re being recruited to go somewhere else—but also it might happen through mergers and acquisitions—we need to be looking at that,” said spokesman Josh Wood

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  1. Kirk Brown says:

    Is he serious? Does he really not know why they are leaving? Just look at the latest gas tax increase. Or the otherwise highest taxed state in the country. Or the highest regulated state in the country. It’s almost impossible to do business in this state. That train has left the station along with all the jobs.
    But not to worry, California is spending 10’s of Billions on a train to nowhere, and billions more to accommodate illegals as the country’s first sanctuary state.
    Aerojet is not the las company to bail out of California by a long shot.

  2. How can he not know why they are leaving?? ATT started pulling out years ago due to the cost of doing business in CA, hundreds of other companies are doing the same – I think the gas tax is just the straw that is breaking the back of many companies, Aerojet is far from being the last company to leave, and who can blame them??

  3. The true layoff total will be 1,400 (aka 100%)…the 1,100 manufacturing and engineering jobs are the biggest part, but the remaining 300 will also leave in a later phase.
    To avoid too much disruption in their operations, they’re not moving office, HR, clerical, until after the production folks have settled in at the new place in Alabama.

  4. Democrats have total control in this deep blue state. That’s why California is **a lost cause**. There’s simply NO HOPE for any improvement in how democrats treat businesses.
    The extreme Left, an illegal alien-controlled Legislature, an insane governor, corrupt unions everywhere, Tax hikes in everyone’s future. Why would anyone stay in this sicko State?

    That is why they leave, and that is why no employer in their right mind, will move here.

    A few big tech companies may have headquarters here, but the rest of their operations are outside of California. And before long, even those headquarters may move, too.
    It makes little sense for those to stay.

  5. Russell Gray says:

    Bera says, “symptom of a larger problem for the state.” YOU THINK!

    “It’s time we stop losing jobs,” Bera said. “It’s time we stop losing companies. It’s time to step up and recruit those companies, and keep the ones that want to stay here.” LMAO……Campbell Soup? Waste Management? and scores of other. Hey I have an idea let’s ask the “Village Idiot” the Mayor (sic) Stienburg, who helped move so many jobs away. ONE thing is the truth they want preserve their jobs, not ours.
    Want to preserve jobs? Visit (consult) with Florida the job leader the last two years and then Texas the job leader the previous 8 years. Those sates by the way have NO income tax, lower gas taxes and better roads. And…….well you can read do your homework.

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