By Jennifer McGraw

MODESTO (CBS13) – A 74-year-old man suffering from dementia walked away from his home and as of Saturday, it will be two weeks since he was last seen.

“No results, nothing. It’s just like he disappeared,” said Darrell Brady, a dear friend.

Spirits are low out at ball field in Beyer Park. The senior softball team rallied for a game, but are missing a key player, Gary Johnson, someone they all call family.

“I have him at second base and there’s a hole out there. We look out there and there is a hole where Gary should be and it’s tough,” said Mike Stout, who coaches their team.

It’s been especially hard on his brother Geno whose been carrying for Gary through dementia for 5 years. There’s been incidents in the past, but nothing like this.

“Where are you Jerry? Where in the world are you,” Geno Johnson said.

Geno is a private person, but hopes by speaking out it will bring his brother home.

“We have turned this town upside down with the police department and all of the people who helped us,” he said.

Gary was last spotted on Briggsmore and Sunrise Avenue and since then there have been several phone calls as to his whereabouts, but still nothing has turned up.

“We don’t know whether he got a ride to Alaska or if he’s here somewhere in Modesto. We just don’t know. We don’t have any answers,” Brady said.

But as the days wear on, so does the heartache.

“There’s nothing, there’s not a thing of him and I want my brother home. I want him home with me,” Geno said.

He believes Gary lost his way and is hoping someone out there recognizes his brother and lends a friendly hand to help bring him home.

“Somebody, if you see him hold him and call that number,” said Geno.

Gary was last seen wearing blue jeans, a dark grey shirt with red lettering on the front, a blue baseball hat, and a dark jacket tied to his waist line.

If you have any information on Gary Johnson’s whereabouts call the Modesto Police Department.


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