By Drew Bollea

OROVILLE (CBS13) — The boos and shouts of displeasure started during the introduction of Rep. Doug LaMalfa (R-Richvale) at his town hall meeting in Oroville.

For nearly two hours, the crowd at the State Theater shouted down responses by the congressman.

“I’m appalled,” said Linda Agee, a LaMalfa supporter.

“It’s very enlightening and disturbing to experience this first hand,” said Denise Culley, who was attending her first town hall event.

The Oroville Dam and spillway was brought up just once. One man asked a question about why nothing was done sooner to the emergency spillway. LaMalfa’s answer was cut short by the crowd.

“Had we not had the main spillway problem, we wouldn’t even be talking about the emergency spillway. So yeah, something should have been done to have the concrete anchored below,” said LaMalfa.

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But the disruptions and yelling continued.

“Do you yell at church?” LaMalfa asked the crowd at one point. That comment was met with intense booing and shouts of “Do you lie in church?”

After fielding several questions and hearing comments on a range of issues, LaMalfa moved on to healthcare where he struggled through a PowerPoint presentation. His narration was hard to follow as shouts continued from the crowd.

At one point. the congressman walked off stage, returning a few moments later to finish his presentation amidst the noise.

“You can disagree, but you can be decent to each other,” said Agee.

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Many supporters left upset, while others say it was more of the same rhetoric from LaMalfa.

“He really didn’t care what everyone thought. He had a closed mind,” said Culley.

As the crowd yelled through each response. A 16-year-old high school student offered his perspective.

“I think the immaturity is astounding,” said Greyson Reynolds.

Reynolds is an Oroville High School junior. He says he was at Monday’s meeting to thank LaMalfa for holding a similar Q & A at his high school. The atmosphere according to Reynolds was much different.

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“Night and day. It’s hard to believe that these people are grown adults and those people, the people at my high school are children. You’d think it was the opposite,” said Reynolds.

LaMalfa is holding another town hall at Sequoia Middle School in Redding on Wednesday at 5:30 pm. He’ll be heading back to Washington early next week.

[graphiq id=”jw4sdal6iYR” title=”Hazard Potential of Dams in California vs. the US” width=”600″ height=”613″ url=”” ]

Comments (192)
  1. Barry Hirsh says:

    Alas, it’s now pro-forma. Soros’s paid armies descend on Republican town halls and wreak havoc. For the clueless, this is textbook Alinskyism, i.e. revolutionary communist agitation.

    1. Floyd Wilson says:

      Incorrect this is a grassroots movement unlike the paid Koch protesters that shouted down Democrats at the healthcare townhalls in 2010.

    2. It wasn’t grass roots in 2009, and it’s not grass roots in 2017.

    3. If this abuse continues,… holding “town halls” will be meaningless and the people will not be heard. These jeering crowds are like the Romans that came to watch the Gladiators kill one another and the wild animals. They are a mob with an appetite for blood. They are not accomplishing anything of value. They are devaluing the freedoms of each one of us.

    4. You hit the nail on the head. Town halls have devolved into blood-letting ceremonies without purpose. “Are you not entertained?!”

    5. Lee Enfield says:

      The fascist left does what they do best….fascism,

  2. no1hd says:

    This is anot a 1st amendment right and these people should be herded to an out of the way area, held in a pin while they were being processed.

    1. Floyd Wilson says:

      That’s a lie. This is the same tactic used by Republicans in 2010 when Koch industries paid thousands of people to disrupt democratic town halls, except no one is paying the patriotic Americans this time.

      1. You’re no more “patriotic” than anyone else.

  3. Democrats can only win an argument by shouting you down or calling you a racist, etc.. Wisdom and logic elude them. Disgraceful bunch.

    1. Floyd Wilson says:

      When did the Tea Party become Democrats.

  4. Floyd Wilson says:

    Watching the right wing snowflakes melt when hard working patriotic Americans challenge them is awesome.

    1. The “tea party” was obnoxious eight years ago, and the “progressives” are just as obnoxious now. Two sides of the same coin.

    2. Robert J Dow says:

      Are you sure these are all hardworking patriotic Americans because DEMOCRATS have been known to hire mentally ill people to go to rallies and start riots. ROBERT CREAMER was the boss of this Obama blessed scam..

  5. Robert J Dow says:

    Paid protestors didn’t want La Malfa talking about the Oroville Dam failure- Congressman might want to know what Democrats did with the $ 7.5 BILLION water bond that seemed to go to keeping a few fish but hurting farmers and not repairing any dangerous dams. Was money transferred to general fund for Jerry’s choo-choo to nowhere??

  6. Kraig Evans says:

    Get the Civil War started already, liberals. You know you want to. Show us how rough and ready you are to end the conservative viewpoint once and for all. Not one of you have the sand to do it, do you? Come on! Let your idiotic mouths and behavior write that check your pathetic, academic, office worker behinds have no chance of cashing.
    Do it!

  7. The Oroville Damm, —- Well seems this Congressman had to take the rap for the Governor on that one.. Ol’ Moonbeam has spent all the state money for infrastructure on his pet projects and now raised the Gas Tax so he can put more money into the General Fund that again will never go to what it is meant for, running a Sanctuary State don’t come cheap.

  8. REPUBLICAN TOWN HALL MEETINGS are being disrupted by paid groups . They are pin- heads, Anti American supported trolls. These Reps, and Senators should stand up to them and tell them to F off , go ahead and don’t vote for me, attitude. Tell these Disruptors that they are Anti Americans and they should go to Hell with Soros, and Hillary.

  9. If folks go to a town hall meeting to hash out issues with an elected representative, and don’t let him speak, and vilify him, speak over him in a bullying fashion, disrupting the meeting, THEN THOSE AGITATORS SHOULD BE ARRESTED AND HAULED OFF FOR DISTURBING THE PEACEFUL ASSEMBLY OF CITIZENS. THERE IS NO ROOM FOR DISRESPECTFUL HATE.

  10. Fake outrage from radical, anti-American, Soros backed gutter trash.

  11. I’m from NC, but isn’t maintaining the dam the responsibility of the California state government? How is a Congressman responsible for the Oroville dam?

  12. Well,that’s lower class donkey $h!t for you

  13. Bob Ward says:

    The liberals have only one method of protest. Intimidation, outbursts, and physical means of putting down the opposition. Moron is too polite a word for people like this, and yet they are the first to cry on their pink blankie when they feel their free speech rights are usurped.

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