By Jennifer McGraw

STOCKTON (CBS13) – “I can’t imagine or even fathom why anybody would ever want to hurt her,” Janet Mejia’s best friend said while fighting back tears.

It was an emotional Thursday night as family and friends gather to remember Janet.

The 28-year-old Sacramento County woman’s body was found dumped on Watt Avenue last week and her roommate’s boyfriend is now charged with her murder.

“Let us not dwell on how or why she’s no longer here, instead let it show that we love her and we are blessed to have known her,” her sister Daisy Mejia spoke to a crowded room. “Thank God for giving me the opportunity to have her for her sister if even for such a short time.

Janet was a Sacramento State grad with aspirations of becoming an interpreter for the deaf. Many of her fellow volunteers even came to support and sign at her celebration of life.

“If Janet were here, this was so close to her that as her sister said she would’ve said ‘That’s really cool for them to be here,'” said a family friend Lizette Mata.

The tragedy began to unfold when Janet went missing on her way to a doctor’s appointment. For days they searched until her body was found on the side of the road. The accused killer, 25-year-old Teris Vinson was arrested and charged.

It was a shock to friends and family who say that same man joined in the search for Janet.

“I just can’t imagine how you could share a meal with the people who love her, knowing what you did,” said her best friend, Shannon Henderson.

Their family says it’s going to be a rough road ahead.

“No matter what the verdict is especially the length of the time, we are not going to have Janet back and that’s the hardest part,” Mata said.

But together they promise to continue to fight for Janet.

“It’s going to be difficult of course, but as long is justice is served that’s all that matters,” Henderson said.

According to court documents, Vinson has a violent past of domestic abuse.

He will be back in court on May 1.


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