I don’t know what a House of Horrors match is.

It sounds inappropriate.

I think all female backstage announcers look the exact same.

I think all male backstage announcers look the exact same.

WWE has gotten so cheesy at times I’d be embarrassed to watch it with someone.

Samoa Joe has mentioned Stephanie and Triple H every week since Wrestlemania. That leads me to believe something very dumb is about to happen.

I only keep DirecTV service because Raw and Smackdown start live at 5pm.

I fast forward through a lot of Raw.

I mean… a lot!

I don’t fast forward through Smackdown.

The 205 division bores me.

I think the purple ropes are stupid.

Purple is my favorite color.

There is no women’s revolution.

There’s only a few women who are really good wrestlers.

Newsflash, theres only a few men who are really good wrestlers.

Braun Strowman is not one of those wrestlers.

With that said, they’re building of Braun Strowman has been really well done.

With the exception of his “loss” to Kalisto.

Wins and loses don’t matter and that makes me sad.

Enzo’s prematch thing is on the verge of jumping the shark.

I’m looking forward to seeing Finn Balors demon character again.

I’m looking forward to seeing Finn Balor be WWE champion again.

Speaking of champions, I find Randy Orton boring.

I don’t find Cesaro boring. I find him awesome.

I wanna see Cesaro versus Brock Lesnar.

I fear they’re gonna screw up how great Shinsuka Nakamura is.

Would they really let Nakamura and AJ Styles headline Wrestlemania?

Bayley is in her hometown this Sunday at Payback. Thats never a good thing.

I’m more a WWE fan then I am a wrestling fan.

I don’t watch as much New Japan Pro Wrestling as I should.

I don’t watch TNA.

I’ve never actually seen the Broken Matt character.

I think I saw the Final Deletion match.

Final Deletion wasn’t a match.

So Brother Nero is Jeff Hardy?

I love Bruce Prichard’s Something to Wrestle With… podcast.

They can get annoying at time but the info and stories from them are well worth it.

Most episodes are really long so they definitely require a time commitment.

I stopped listening to most other wrestling podcasts.

Steven Adams would make a fantastic professional wrestler.

Fun week ahead for wrestling fans. WWE Monday Night Raw is at the Golden One Center for the first time Monday. That morning Cesar will be at the Wingstop Sound Stage at the KHTK studios and Sasha Banks will be at Cricket Wireless in Roseville that afternoon. Check us out all week on The Lo-Down for the latest updates.

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