SACRAMENTO COUNTY (CBS13) – An arrest has been made in the suspected home invasion robbery that left two people dead.

Shots rang out about 4 a.m. Sunday in an apparent robbery at a home on 68th Street near 38th Avenue. Two people were found dead, Sacramento police say.

Investigators could be seen coming and going from the house reported to be completely converted into a pot grow. Detectives were seen using metal detectors searching other areas.

“That’s scary that someone got killed and it probably happened down the street from where I was sleeping,” said neighbor Susana Avalos.

Detectives have said that the home is a suspected marijuana grow house.

Officers say a third victim was found a short distance away on Cunningham Way. That person received a non-life threatening wound.

Monday, police announced that 46-year-old Sacramento resident Sean Huang had been arrested in connection to the incident. Detectives say they do not believe there are any other suspects.


  1. This is the real, violent face of drug dealers.
    We need to stop believing the silly, naive, just-plain-nonsense spouted by the potheads.
    So what if the majority wants pot. That just means the majority are just plain nuts.
    Because today’s pot is 4-10 times stronger than what the hippies used in the 60’s, today’s users have been shown to lose short-term memory, have lower I.Q., and even heart conditions.
    You’re basically giving yourself a dose of Alzheimer-like symptoms.

    Drug dealers destroy lives, families, communities with their sicko product.
    In many other countries, drug dealers are executed upon conviction.
    Just one dealer can wreck hundreds of lives and families.
    They are a cancer! Many countries with more common sense than us, recognize that.

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