By Lemor Abrams

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – A Sacramento man is filing a lawsuit against law enforcement. And now he says he wants justice from the city and the county.

We’ve seen the video of what happened. Accused jaywalker Nandi Cain was beaten down by Sacramento police. Now his attorneys are suing the city, claiming their client’s constitutional rights were violated. And they plan to sue the county, claiming there’s more video we haven’t seen that shows what deputies allegedly did to Cain while he was in custody.

The viral video showing the police beating Cain captured the world’s attention.

“I thought I’d be next Trayvon Martin,” Cain said.

Now two weeks later, Cain is hoping to recapture the attention of the city of Sacramento.

“I’m here to get Justice,” Cain said Monday.

Cain joined his attorneys at a news conference, announcing a federal lawsuit against the city. They claim Cain’s civil rights were violated when he was beaten by a Sacramento police officer while walking home from work.

“Euphemistically as we refer to it he was walking while black,” said his attorney, John Burris.

The lawsuit says Cain was “racially profiled” by a Sacramento police officer. And punched “20 times,” in the face and head. Sacramento police declined to release the officer’s name. But the suit names ” Officer Anthony Figueroa” as the defendant and demands he be fired.

“There was no effort to try and de-escalate the situation. The best that we have is an escalation of it, based on the officers own state of mind and his willingness to go hands on under the circumstances, which he should not have,” said Burris.

Attorneys say that beyond being beaten on the street, Cain was humiliated, ridiculed and assaulted in custody.

“Cain was stripped naked and beaten while he was in a defenseless position on the floor,” said attorney Adante Pointer.

Attorneys say they plan to sue the county too, claiming there’s video footage of that alleged jail incident and are requesting the Sacramento Sheriff’s Department release it.

Sheriff’s Spokesman Tony Turnbull won’t comment on the alleged video but says Cain’s arrest is now under investigation.

“Until then I want to reiterate that these are allegations only. And before people jump to conclusions, let the investigation speak for itself,” said Turnbull.

We’ve reached out to the city, the police department, and the mayor’s office nut none have responded to us by our deadline for this story.

  1. Looks like he wants to win the ghetto lottery…sue everyone, for his own irresponsible behavior.

    As for police, leave the jaywalkers alone. It’s not worth it.
    And eventually, he will take one risk too many, and he’ll cross paths with some text-and-drive Uber/Lyft car or DUI who doesn’t stop.
    Let Darwin/God take care of the jaywalkers.

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