STOCKTON (CBS13) –  Stockton city leaders are working on cleaning up the city’s image with a new project you won’t see on television or on any giant billboards.

Jasmine Leek was born and raised in Stockton and is so proud of her community.

“Stockton is a place that really is no different than other cities across the country that have experienced, kind of a lack of regard or disinvestment as resources become smaller and more scarce,” said Leek, who is a marketing consultant in Stockton.

City leaders say Stockton’s bankruptcy did bring a negative light to the community, but now that it’s all behind them, they wanted a chance to talk about all the positive things including the city’s new leadership.

The new imagine campaign is simply called “Stockton is Home.”

“There is a lot of positive change happening here and stuff for us to get ahead of the narrative and really say there are some great things that are happening,” she said.

A dozen short videos have been produced, all starring the very same people who live here, business owners, artists and even an astronaut.

“I can’t believe how many amazing people that are here that really care about this place. They want to be able to contribute positively also it’s a very small town feel, but it’s a big city,” said Leek.

“Stockton is Home” can be seen on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube using your smartphone or tablet.

“The power of social media is just incredible to be able to connect directly with the other person on the other end that’s reading your message, is really important and being able to be authentic in the delivery of that message is really important,” she said.

Half of the videos are available now.  The rest are being released in the coming weeks.

“It’s important to have those conversations with people and be able to use that using Facebook, Twitter or Instagram is really, really cool,” said Leek.

If you have an interesting story about your experience living in Stockton, the city wants to hear from you.  You can share stories under “Stockton is Home” on Facebook.

Comments (2)
  1. re: “did bring a negative light to the community, but now that it’s all behind them, they wanted a chance to talk about all the positive things including the city’s new leadership.”

    You think you can bury the past that quickly, and then pretend it didn’t exist? ha, ha, ha.
    Going bankrupt is the ultimate lack of personal responsibility.
    So much careless behavior went into Stockton’s behavior.
    In a city that was fueled by greedy, foolish loan borrowers, and banks who exploited that greed, what Stockton did was just as dumb. The pitiful arena and then the efforts to weasel out of the loans.
    No one is going to loan Stockton unsecured money for a long time to come. Live with that…

  2. what are they going to do ..when most post show the fact that stockton is now over run with people camping just off the freeway ..cant much get past that stockton has became a dump.

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