By Marc Woodfork

‘Their Finest’  starring Gemma Arterton tells the remarkable story of British film crews that produced morale-boosting propaganda films during World War II.  Gemma’s  Character, Catrin Cole, is a scriptwriter in charge of writing the female dialogue.  This film is a must see.  Easily one of the best films released this year.  Charming, intelligent, full of witty, well-written characters.  Veteran actor Bill Nighy as usual turns in a fantastic performance.  This film needs to be seen not because it’s another “war” film, but because there are not many films that show the “war at home”  and the contributions made by civilians especially women.

The filmmakers do a wonderful job of blending the seriousness of war with moments of humor and romance.  You’ll become engaged in the story and characters so much so that you won’t notice that you’re watching a film about filmmaking.  The cinematography is beautiful.  The use of different tones and color palettes adds to the overall enjoyment of the movie.

It’s somewhat reminiscent of the film “The Imitation Game” in tone and content, but also very different.  “Their Finest” lacks a bit of intensity and urgency that I wish the filmmakers would have utilized to show the stress a country at war and under constant bombing is under.  That being said, this film is not to be missed.  It’s well worth the ticket price and your time.


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