By Angela Greenwood

ROSEVILLE (CBS13) — The City of Roseville is facing a multimillion dollar budget deficit and city leaders are trying to figure out what to cut. For the first time in years, Roseville will have to make some unpopular decisions.

Fourth of July fireworks may be eliminated.

One Roseville resident said, “I don’t think we should let that happen”

The weed-eating fire prevention goats may have to go.

“I wouldn’t cut that, said another resident.

Those are just two of the potential budget cuts Roseville may make as the city tries to solve a $2.2 million deficit.

Megan MacPherson with the City of Roseville said, “We don’t want to be spending any more money than we take in in a year”

So how did Roseville dip into a deficit?

“We’ve had slowing revenue growth, we have increasing costs, and we’re looking to pay back some of the funds we borrowed from during the recession,” said MacPherson.

The city says it’s already achieved savings by reducing the workforce. In 2007, there were 808 employees. This year there are 606.

“None of the positions that we are looking to cut are currently filled. They’re all vacant positions”

The overall cuts are less than 2 percent of the city’s general fund, and must be made to get a balanced budget.

“We want to live within our means,” said MacPherson.

The city council will hold another budget hearing on May 17. A final vote is expected in June. The city is also in the process of recruiting 20 people to form a new ‘community priorities committee’ to help advise the council on future budgets.


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