By Lemor Abrams

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Walking may reverse aging, but Paris Dye hopes it’ll also revive her broken-hearted community.

“I’m hoping that fear doesn’t grip us,” said Paris.

The brutal beating death of 86-year-old Fusako Petrus hit so close to home, Paris decided to kick into action.

“Come out and just walk with us,” she said.

She’s inviting local seniors to her church’s multi-use gym, to walk laps with her, and she’s already got a system down.

“Every time you pass a point you click,” she said.

Armed with a pink clicker counting how many laps she’s walked, Paris says 20 laps make one mile.

And she’ll walk as many miles as she needs to, to help calm the fear in North Highlands following Petrus’ death.

Friends tell us 86-year-old Fusako Petrus walked the tracks at Highlands High School almost every morning for three decades. She usually took a friend, as she did the morning she was killed—brutalized by a man believed to be motivated by sexual assault.

“Pretty surprised especially that it happened at a high school,” said Danae Hernandez.

But that’s exactly why Danae Hernandez is already signed up for the new walking group at Liberty Towers Church. And she pulled up old video to make the point.

If previous walks here are any indication she says, there is power in numbers.

“We should be combating whatever fears or anxieties or worries we have, and living our lives to the fullest,” said Paris.

Walking is Free!
The walking group begins May
It’ll repeat Tuesday’s, Thursday’s at 9:30 a.m.

Liberty Towers Church
5132 Elkhorn Blvd.,
Sacramento CA 95842


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