SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – A man has been taken into custody after allegedly throwing gasoline on homes in a Sacramento neighborhood early Monday morning.

Burn marks are the terrifying evidence that are now left on one homeowner’s house on Majorca Circle.

The incident was first reported about 2 a.m.

Sacramento Fire officials say that a man was seen throwing gasoline on homes in that neighborhood near Franklin Boulevard.

According to Sacramento police, a suspect was taken into custody one street up from Majorca Circle on Camino Royale Drive.

The suspect’s identity has not been released at this time.

Authorities confirm the incident is an active arson investigation. Both Sacramento Fire and police are handling the case.


  1. This is just crazy, almost as insane as the 18-year old guy who secxually aszaulted 61-year old and 91-year old seniors in North Highlands and killed an 86-year old woman who tried to interfere.
    Or how about all the shootings this past weekend: 5 shot at a party in Sac, 8 shot at a pool party at UC San Diego, 4 shot at Univ. of Texas this morning.

    What is making the males go loco like this? Answer: Someone high on meth, pot honey oil, opiods, heroin, other drugs.

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