By Drew Bollea

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — The budding marijuana industry is expanding in more ways than one. The need and desire to organize and host conventions and trade shows are growing. Several trade shows are now seeking out untapped markets, like Sacramento, to pull in even more people.

“I’m out there looking for customers,” said Sam Gammon with Bloombox.

Cannabis companies are trying to expand their footprint and grow with an evolving industry.

“We make iPad menus for cannabis dispensaries,” explained Gammon.

He attended last month’s California Cannabis Industry Association conference in downtown Sacramento.

“As the industry continues to grow. They start to have meetings about how best to cultivate the product. The sales aspect and the business side of it,” said Mike Testa with Visit Sacramento.

He says his office is looking to cash in on the growth of cannabis conventions.

“If the opportunity presents itself, we’d likely go after it,” said Testa.

While the city hasn’t been able to land any of the 35 marquee events that bring in several thousand visitors; small scale events are happening more and more in Sacramento.

“Sacramento appears to be a fairly under-utilized area for having cannabis fairs,” said Naomi Forkash, the Director of The Hemp and Cannabis Fairs.

The target audience is the Central Valley.

“Everyone tends to go straight to San Francisco. Straight to that Bay Area,” said Forkash, explaining the need for events in Sacramento.

“It’s focused on bringing the best of what’s new and exciting in the world of cannabis and hemp,” explained Forkash.

The non-consumption trade show is expected to bring in 50 vendors and nearly 2,500 people.

“There is a real need for it in Sacramento right now,” said Forkash.

As the industry expands, Forkash says business owners like those in the Capital City will need a platform to promote themselves.

“There is only growth potential for a show like this,” said Forkash.

  1. All the growers know that the real profits is not from direct consumer sales. The real money is made by reselling the crop to pot honey oil brewers. As ordinary weed users “upgrade” to a more powerful high. Ordinary pot has always been a gateway to other problems, no matter what its lying supporters say.

    The more pot is grown, the more will be shipped to honey labs, and the more likely you will be living next door to one of these highly explosive labs (KA-BOOM !)

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