MARYSVILLE (CBS13) – Kathy Messick is getting a new neighbor – and she’s not happy.

“We are all very concerned that our children and our neighbors are in danger. He is a sexually violent predator,” said Kathy Messick, who lives just outside of Maryville, in rural Yuba County.

Her new neighbor will be Elridge Chaney, Jr. He was convicted of raping three women between 1978 and 1988. One of his victims was just 16. But after serving decades in jail and passing a state rehabilitation program, Chaney, who is now in his 60s, is headed to Yuba County.

“All my neighbors are very upset, but we have to deal with this,” said Messick.

California law requires that courts prioritize placing offenders in their home counties. Chaney is from Monterey County but a judge ruled there was no space for him in Monterey. After months of fighting, a judge has cleared the way for his relocation to Yuba County on Wednesday.

“If he was from Yuba County, it’d be a different story,” said Don Schrader, a former Yuba County supervisor. He has been following the case. He says he’s not buying into the argument that Monterey County didn’t have space.

Schrader says many the community believe in second chances and they hope Chaney succeeds in his new life. And although Chaney will be monitored with two security guards and an ankle bracelet, neighbors know Chaney is a man with a violent past. And that’s still a concern.

“Don’t tell me he has been cured. You’re going to send him 300 miles up here, to lock him up in a house? With two guards, 24 hours a day? That’ not being cured,” said Schrader.

Residents have not been told of when Chaney will move in, only that the Sheriff’s office will contact the residents just before Chaney is scheduled to arrive.


  1. It’s all about the money. Look at Monterey and look at Yuba County. Golden Rule at work again in this country. Any questions?

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