SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Lawmakers could be ending a popular school fundraiser over child obesity concerns.

The Box Tops For Education program through General Mills has raised $50 million for California schools since it started in 1996, but now concerns over childhood obesity and advertising could bring it to an end.

Families cut and turn in box tops from select General Mills products, and schools get 10 cents for each box top.

But Assembly Bill 841 could soon bring an end to this kind of fundraiser. It would ban junk food advertising on campus and eliminate junk food or beverage rewards and incentives for academic success. It would also prohibit schools from taking part in fundraisers that require the purchase of junk food.

The American Heart Association is a co-sponsor of the bill and says, “The author and co-sponsors understand and appreciate the need for schools to continue these partnerships. The author’s office is submitting amendments that will clarify that issue.”

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  1. Stan Bennett says:

    Only the idiots in the California legislature could come up with such stupid legislation. The combined I.Q. of the house is equal to a pencil eraser.

  2. So does the legislature desire to pay for what this is taking away from the students? Living in California and having so many field trip opportunities at the Capitol to reinforce their “book education” means the students will have to miss out on these enrichment educational opportunities. Our Box Tops for education program at our school pays for several field trips per year that the students would no longer be able to have.

    In addition, what working parent will stop buying these products? Having been a working parent myself, if I could create a meal out of a Hamburger Helper or Tuna Helper box that would keep me out of the fast food line when I am too exhausted to cook a full meal. I would rather do that and would continue to do that rather than drive to a fast food line. At least I know my kid would be getting real meat!!!! Sodium might be higher, but it is still worth doing this than driving through a fast food joint.

    In my opinion the legislature should be removed from office for remotely considering losing $50,000,000 to the California schools and the future of America. We all are going to die of something, and if childhood obesity is on the rise, it is the parents that need to be educated because they are the people in control of what their children put into their mouths.

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