By Jennifer McGraw

ROCKLIN (CBS13) — A driver was pulled from his burning truck just seconds before it explodes thanks to some good Samaritans including a police cadet, two off-duty California Highway Patrol officers and a civilian.

It was a multi-vehicle crash on Highway 65 and I-80 Tuesday.

Jonathan Sullivan doesn’t remember much about that evening while driving home from work.

“A good Samaritan told me I reached my hand out, but I don’t remember anything like that, but that’s how she was able to pull me out of the vehicle,” Sullivan said.

That good samaritan was a Roseville Police cadet Kaityln McKinney who just happened to be driving by.

“I’m going to cut over because I don’t know if anybody is going to stop knowing that a lot of people don’t stop,” McKinney said

This helmet cam video showed what firefighters saw as they pulled up to the multi-vehicle crash. A pickup truck swallowed by flames.

“It was on fire that bad?” Jonathan said shocked while watching the video for the first time. “That was a hard one, I can’t believe I survived that.”

Neither can McKinney.

“Right as we were pulling him out, the backside of the car exploded,” she said.

Never thinking she’d help save a life so early in her career.

“I knew that he was trapped in there and I needed to go try and help save his life,” McKinney said.

But she didn’t act alone. A civilian first on the scene, Chris Maffei said it was one of the most important things he’s ever done. Two off-duty officers helped also.

“I knew I was put there for a reason and so were the other people who helped me pull him from the car and thank them for helping me,” McKinney said.

Sullivan suffered a serious burn on his elbow, but remarkably no broken bones.

“I can’t believe what she did made such a big difference with what could’ve happened. I could still be in the truck,” Sullivan said.

Though they haven’t seen each other since the crash, she’ll forever hold a place in his heart.

“Thank you very much,” he said.

McKinney hopes to join the force one day, but right now she’s too young and first wants to finish college.

  1. Kaityln McKinney…what an amazing young woman!

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