GRIDLEY (CBS13) – “I have no idea what happened to her. A million things [are] going through my mind every day and every night,” said Michael Lazarraga, the last person known to have seen Alycia Yeoman.

The 20-year-old went missing over a month ago.

“I think about where she possibly stopped I don’t know who she met up with I don’t know who she was texting other people I don’t know,” said  Lizaragga.

He said he and Yeoman went to dinner to talk on Thursday, March 30.

“She wanted to talk about something she didn’t tell me over the phone really much it was about a guy she was talking to,” he explained.

Lizarraga says they came back to his house here on Romero Street in Yuba City.

He says Yeoman drank some wine then left because she was scheduled to work in the morning.

“She was just getting ready to go to Cabo. She was excited when she left she was smiling she was happy,” Lizaragga said.

That was the last time he had any contact with Alycia Yeoman.

Her truck was found four days later down a levee along the feather river in Live Oak stuck in a muddy orchard. A set of footprints could be seen walking away. Her cell phone was found not far from her truck by a jogger, but leads seemed to turn cold from there.

Investigators searched Lizarraga’s home and questioned Aly’s friends and family. They did not find anything incriminating.

Then surveillance video from a nearby farm surfaced of Yeoman’s truck driving up Cooley Road in Live Oak and onto the levee.

That video gave Lizarraga pause.

“In my opinion, I don’t think that was her. I don’t think it was her. I wouldn’t even drive on the levee at night,” he said

Lizarraga is speaking out now because he doesn’t want Yeoman’s case to be forgotten.

“The light on Aly’s story is dimming to me and the curtain is closing and we can’t have that,” he said.


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