6 p.m. UPDATE: — The two teenagers shot to death in broad daylight were brothers.

The shooting happened around noon on Thursday on Fruitridge Road near Stockton Boulevard in South Sacramento in front of a furniture store.

Rosie Vaughn described what she heard.

“These were like multiple shots, like pow, pow, pow, then it’s like a little break, and then pow, pow,” she said.

SWAT officers are inspecting a home in South Sacramento that could be connected to the shooting. A shelter in place order has been put into place and some homes were evacuated. Police don’t believe there’s a suspect inside.

Witnesses say a light-colored SUV was seen leaving the scene traveling eastbound with several people inside.

SACRAMENTO COUNTY (CBS13) – Deputies are investigating after two people were shot and killed in south Sacramento early Thursday afternoon.

The scene is along the 5200 block of Fruitridge Road.

The Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department says they first got a call just after 12 p.m. that a person was shot. Once deputies responded to the scene, two shooting victims were found.

Both victims have died from their injuries.


Officers with the Sacramento Police Department are converging in the area of Sim Park off Lemon Hill Avenue in connection to the shooting investigation.


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