Former 49ers head coach, football lifer, and jack-of-all trades Jim Tomsula has kept himself out of the spotlight after being the fall guy for Jed York’s office politics coup.

A few of us have stayed active on the Jim Tomsula trail, hoping to spot the legend outside of the Golden Corral, looking for a partner at the all-you-can eat, but little evidence has surfaced to suggest that Tomsula isn’t living out some sort of real-life “Trading Places” scenario.

BUT! On Tuesday, there he was. Our hero, back again, to claim his spot upon the inspirational pulpit known as the Western Pennsylvania Sports Hall of Fame.

Unfortunately, I’m unable to embed the video of Tomsula’s speech (it belongs to Deadspin), which was scheduled to last three to four minutes, but witnesses said was closer to ten.  So here’s the link!

As you can see, Jim’s still got it. For the purposes of having a video, here’s some more fun from Jim Tomsula.


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