By Tony Lopez

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — It’s time for another Getting Answers Road Tour!

CBS 13 Viewer Dean Johnston contacted us to ask a few questions about development around Golden 1 Center in Downtown Sacramento.

So—we got some answers on the key projects that look like they’re starting to take shape.

Dean wanted to know, “What’s up with the Downtown Commons, or DOCO, area? It doesn’t look like much is being done?”

Well, looks can be deceiving. We’re told the area, formerly known as Downtown Plaza, has picked up a couple of new tenants. Urban Outfitters and Getta Clue have signed on to move in.

Also, the steel for the 5th Street bridge overpass will be arriving later this month.

Another question takes us to a downtown eyesore. The old Hotel Marshall is supposed to become an upscale hip hotel. That’s still the plan but it’s taking a while to gut the inside.

We met Dean in front of Golden 1 Center to follow-up on an email he sent us. When we asked him, “What are you wondering about the Hotel Marshall?” Dean said, “I’m wondering what’s going on–I hear it’s gonna be a Hyatt Centric Hotel but I don’t see getting done with it.”

The developer tells CBS 13 a Hyatt Centric Hotel will be going in. The plan is to keep the historic brick façade. Work on that will start later this summer.

One last stop takes us to the 16-story Kimpton-Sawyer Hotel, being built north of Golden 1 Center.

Here’s what we know: Most of the exterior is done. Crews are now framing walls and creating space inside.

The third-floor swimming pool that’ll overlook the Plaza has been put in. It’s not quite ready for its first big splash but that’ll happen, we’re told, very soon.

The hotel has started taking reservations for overnight stays, January 1st of 2018 and beyond.

And with that—it’s time for us to check out—until our next Getting Answers Road Tour.

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