By Marc Woodfork


We’ve seen this before.  The tale of King Arthur and the Knights of the round table has been told time after time.  We’ve seen it all before.  But we haven’t.  At least not through the eyes of Guy Ritchie.  This is a completely re-vamped modern version of the classic tale.   All of the elements of King Arthur that we all remember are in this film, But Guy Ritchie takes it to a whole new level.  Soon after the film starts, you immediately get the feeling that this is going to be something different.  Charlie Hunnam from ‘Sons of Anarchy’, plays the lead role of Arthur.  He’s supported by a brilliant performance from Jude Law as the evil Uncle.

King Arthur moves at break neck speed with action on top of action.  It grabs hold of you and never lets go.  We haven’t seen a bold re-telling of the tale since ‘Monty Python’ dared to take it on.  Anyone who enjoys the frenetic pace of ‘The Avengers’ or any other big super hero film, will absolutely love this movie.  Guy Ritchie brings fresh, witty, smart characters to the screen.  He doesn’t re-invent the wheel, but Guy brings his style of filmmaking that is very distinctively his.  Not an easy feat to create a new vision of a story that has only been told one way.  Visually, King Arthur is stunning.  The CGI work is phenomenal.  Coupled with the quick edits and snappy camera shots that are Guy Ritchie trademarks and you have an instant classic.  This film certainly deserves to be mentioned alongside ‘Excalibur’ has the two best versions of King Arthur.

It has a childlike goofiness that permeates through out the film.  And at a run time of two hours and ten minutes, it may turn away some movie-goers.  Don’t let that determine wether you see this film.  It is the must-see movie so far this year.  It’s not your father’s King Arthur.  It’s fun, invigorating and exactly the update the mythical tale needed.


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