SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – A mistrial has been declared in the trial of the man accused of throwing a pie in the face of then-Sacramento mayor Kevin Johnson.

Jurors said Monday they were deadlocked in the case of Sean Thompson, who was facing felony assault and misdemeanor battery charges.

The judge ordered them to deliberate last week after they couldn’t decide on one of the charges.

Thompson says he planned the pie throwing as an act of civil disobedience, but the prosecution argued it’s a case of assault against a public official.

Comments (2)
  1. Good, that POS ex mayor deserved more more than one pie thrown at him. And why should any political person be of more value than any person ?

    1. Jay Williams says:

      Can you say with a straight face that if a tea partier hit you in the face with a pie at a protest rally, that you wouldn’t call it assault? Really?

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