By Tony Lopez

SAN FRANCISCO (CBS13) — Two teenagers from Wisconsin have sparked a security review of the Golden Gate Bridge—all because of their daredevil stunt.

Peter Teatime and his buddy, Tommy Rector climbed the 746-foot Golden Gate Bridge last month—with no security equipment. The two had nothing but a GoPro and posted that video to YouTube.

The video went viral and caught the attention of Homeland Security, which has cameras and motion detectors set-up around and on the bridge. None of the elaborate equipment picked up the actions of this daring duo.

“The Golden Gate Bridge is like the most famous bridge in the world–it’s an iconic landmark and it’s one of the tallest bridges of its type”, Peter Teatime told CBS13 via Skype, “so we figured we’d give it a shot because I haven’t seen that many people do it and we kind of wanted to be like the first and yeah–we just went for it.”

They went for it, all right. The two soaked in the view, did somersaults and even hung by their fingertips, dangling over traffic below.

We wanted to know how they were able to get past security.

Denis Mulligan, with the Golden Gate Bridge Authority, tells us “We have hundreds of cameras here at the Golden Gate Bridge–they all work–but cameras are focused–our staff is focused on watching the cameras that are focused on watching the areas where people can harm the structure.”

As a result, no one picked up Peter and Tommy’s actions.

Because of this daredevil stunt, officials tell CBS13 “changes are now underway in the security infrastructure” of the bridge to determine why the teenagers’ path didn’t trigger an alarm.

In case you’re wondering, climbing the Golden Gate is a misdemeanor, punishable by up to a year in jail.

The two teens could also be put on the “no fly” list as a result of their actions.

But Peter Teatime doesn’t sound too worried, calling the move “a surreal experience


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