IONE (CBS13) — A trio walking in an Ione homecoming parade dressed up in unflattering costumes depicting President Donald Trump, former president Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.

The homecoming parade is supposed to be a family-oriented event, but that wasn’t the case for some families after they saw what they called “distasteful” costumes.

The act was offensive to Marta Bracken who watched the parade from her window.

“There was a man dressed as Obama handcuffed to Hillary, who was also distastefully dressed,” she said.

Another man dressed like President Trump was carrying what appears to be a rifle, drawing cheers of “Kill the b—-.”

Bracken says the profanity and costumes give the wrong image of the city and were inappropriate. Others were confused and didn’t know why the trio was dressed up.

Louis Harris was at Sunday’s parade, and while he says the costumes didn’t offend him, he didn’t think the act was funny.

“It’s negative and there’s no place for it,” he said.

But Ionians like Dolores Larrigan say the trio has been doing satirical acts like this for years.

“One year, they made a comedy act about one of our landscapers and they had lawnmowers,” she said.

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  1. Jerry Cason says:


  2. A shame one person has to ruin it for all. It was pure satire and done all in fun. There was NO wearing of any lingerie as stated. The men were wearing tulle skirts with shorts underneath and a bikini top, which is no different than what kids see at the pool. There was NO bullet hole in the mask as stated. There was a hole in Hillary’s eye so he could see where he was walking. NO ONE was handcuffed to anyone. I know all this because I was there and watched the entire parade. The children at the parade didn’t even care about this entry they were to busy collecting the candy. Unfortunately it takes on uptight liberal to ruin it for all. Is she entitled to her opinion, of course. But this is my opinion. If for any reason you don’t like the parade simply don’t attend. If your ashamed of your hometown, simply move on back to the bay area. This town has been doing this for 141 years. This is tradition. We look forward to next year and we look forward to seeing the satire.

  3. That’s called free speech, negative for one is positive for another, get over it.

  4. Jon Younger says:

    If you’re offended by this satire, fine…but was this ‘news worthy’? Certainly not! This has been blown WAY out of proportion due to social media. And the headline is fairly deceptive – it insinuates that there was many that were offended, when if fact there was a VERY small number of folks that voiced or used social media to complain about this parade entry.
    To clarify a previous comment…two of the characters were handcuffed together, but that is really irrelevant. I also want to agree that kids in attendance paid little to no attention to this as most were singly focused on entries that were tossing candy to the crowd.
    Bottom line…this was satire – nothing more, nothing less! To get the news media, city council, parade association or any other agency involved is/was ridiculous!

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